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Nine out of ten dentists recommend it! by harusohmalvr Nine out of ten dentists recommend it! :iconharusohmalvr:harusohmalvr 14 1
The Painter
Sharp brush
Pale Canvas
A line of red paint.
The paint fades to brown.
The painter paints more.
It stains the water, fills it with red.
More red paint.
Then, a sudden splatter of black paint.
The painter’s vision is complete.
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I Miss Her
I'm sitting here at my desk at work in Rockford. A blanket of white coats every imaginable surface outside the window behind me.
I miss her.
I browse various social networking sites as my shift passes, waiting for the phone to ring so I can pick up and offer my assistance. When it does ring, it is inevitably a student who has become locked out of their account or needs a change of password.
I miss her.
I read through my friends' facebook statuses and tumblr posts. They make comments about how they're spending time with their friends or how they hate their classes, or in one case, going out with their mothers to lunch.
I miss her, and there's nothing I can do about it.
I can't go out to lunch with her. I can't watch tv in the living room with her as we dine on our favorite cuisine from Big Apple Sports Palace. I can't have stupid yelling fights with her over silly, trivial things because I'm in a bad mood. I can't listen to her as she passionately objects to some new political stance th
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You Aren't There
Purple angels
Dance inside your eyes
Glittering sadness
We say our goodbyes
You disappear
In the smoke of the night
You tell me you love me
And you head towards the light
Life is so empty
Life is so weak
Your time on this earth
Made the world far less bleak
Now that you're gone
All I can do is wish you were here again
Eternal sleep
Has become your best friend
It's harder than ever
To evade these tears
You knew all my weaknesses
You knew all my fears
This pain that I'm left with
Is too much to bear
I look for my mother
But you aren't there.
Out on a beach
Frogs crawling on sand
You're out of reach
It's out of our hands
You're gone forever
Yet by my side
But I still feel alone
Like my soul has died
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Let Me In
I see the pain behind your eyes
Clear as day
Black as night
I want to break through your disguise
So I pray
That you might
Let me in
Let me in
Let me see the real you
The person that's lost and broken
Let me help
Let me help
Give me the chance
To make you whole again
These aren't words of romance
These aren't words of love
These are simply the words
Of someone who cares
A friend who wants your trust
So let me in
Let me in
Let me help you breathe again
Let me help you smile
Let me make your life better
Thing are hard right now, I know
But you're stronger than you think
Let me show you
Let me heal you.
Just say the word
I'll be there
Making things better
Helping you find yourself again
You're not lost, just wounded
And you can heal.
Just let me in.
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Gyarados Makeup by harusohmalvr Gyarados Makeup :iconharusohmalvr:harusohmalvr 2 0 The Day I Turned Human... by harusohmalvr The Day I Turned Human... :iconharusohmalvr:harusohmalvr 2 0 Chime by harusohmalvr Chime :iconharusohmalvr:harusohmalvr 0 0
It's funny how words- little, insignificant words, can have a deep, profound effect on you. They can wound you, make you bleed out until the blood fills every part of your body, overwhelming you. And even after the apologies are made, and everything is said and done, and you know the person who said those words that hurt you so meant nothing by it, they still cut like a knife every time you think of them, everytime you hear similar words uttered from the lips of another. And it hurts. You become paranoid, obsessed with them, until they haunt your every thought, every beat of your heart.
I have had such an experience with words.
They tear me apart inside, and yet I know I cannot forget them, cannot discount them or ignore them the way many do.
Yet I pray they will one day strengthen me, and that I will overcome their influence.
One day
I've been waiting for that day for three years.
Any day now.
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Such a simple word
Five letters
But those letters hold more
Pain and sorrow in them
Than you could possible imagine
Centuries of alone
Milennia of people just like me
Wishing for something
To take the alone away
But it will not leave
Not without great sacrifice
Is the sacrifice worth it?
To free the alone from your body
Your soul?
Would you do anything?
Don't you know a cry for help when you see one?
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It hurts.
Not like a searing,
Burning wound
One that bleeds continuously
It's more like a dull
Aching pain
Always there
In the back of your mind
It makes you feel
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Iconoclasm -Burned-
The raven sat in the bell-tower of the Cathedral, a matchbox and a can of gasoline in either hand. She stared down at the people walking hurriedly past the church, some entering. There was a cell phone the color of a rusted pipe clipped to her belt. She put the matchbox on the ledge where she was sitting and opened it, pressing two buttons quickly, proceeding to make a call. "We're Clear" The voice on the other line informed her. "The congregation is all inside. They think they're at an emergency meeting. Are you ready, Ravenscar?" Ravenscar. That was the girl's surname. She didn't answer for a moment, instead looking up at the sky, and then down at the people below her. "Yes." She said simply. "Good. You know what to do, Ravenscar." Indeed. She knew exactly what to do. This wasn't her first burning. After the Christians had turned their country into a theocratic dictatorship, small groups of rebels began forming, and then coming together to try and overthrow their government. Mimi Rav
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Just a Jerk
I used to love you once upon a time
Thought forever you'd be mine
But then I saw another side of you
It was terrible, it was new
I knew that our love wouldn't work...
I knew that you were just a jerk.
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Short Piece 3: Silk
Her eyes remained closed tightly as her hands grasped the silk. She knew instinctively it was white in color. Pulling hard at it, she was only slightly surprised to find that it gave easily, moving across the bed with little to no effort. She bit her lip hard, feeling the sting as she drew blood. Finally, she opened her eyes and gazed around the room expecantly, only to be disappointed. Sliding forward, still holding the white silk blanket, she let her feet rest on the floor, standing carefully. Without an emotion on her face, she walked around the room, throwing various objects to the floor in an almost violent rage, though it would be difficult to tell by only looking at her face that she was upset. Finally, she went to her dresser and took a photograph from it, and, still grasping the silk in her other hand, she went to her balcony. In a ghostly manner, the silk fell heavily from the sky.
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Short Piece 2: The Lonely One
He looked into the eyes of the lonely one, noticing flecks of blue in the deep pools. But he also noticed that they were filled with a sadness beyond what was reasonable for the lonely one. He lifted his hand to her face, tracing her prominent cheekbone with his fingertips. "Tell me." "No." The lonely one could only whisper, afraid that her voice might crack if she spoke too loudly. Slowly, the lonely one felt his other hand grasp her arm and lift it to eye level. "Why?" He asked simply, gesturing her art work. "Because you told me you didn't want me." The lonely one replied, breaking eye contact with him. Disgusted with the lonely one, he released her hand and pulled his away from her cheekbone, standing. The lonely one didn't look up as he walked away. Instead, she lay down, pulling her favorite instrument from her pocket.
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Short Piece 1: Erasure
The gray-sometimes-blue eyes gazed at the flickering computer screen. The hands with the red-white-and-blue acrylic nails rested gently on the keyboard. The soft pink lips rested softly pressed together in a thin line that betrayed a feeling of immense frustration. Then, suddenly, the hands with the red-white-and-blue acrylic nails started moving rapidly across the keyboard, furiously trying to convey any form of emotion. But they just ended up moving to the key in the upper-right corner of the letters, holding it until all progress disappeared. The hands moved to the mouse, shifting the cursor to a screen on the right, then clicking on it. A list of names, constantly in a flux. The eyes stared at one name, while the lips pressed together even harder. The hands, shaking, clicked on the name, and a new screen appeared. Slowly, they began to type. "Hi, how are you? I'm fine." They began to type words without thinking. "I don't know how I can say this, but I love you." The hands studdenly
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